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but in all honesty if you want incredibly well written females and accurate greek mythos class of the titans is the answer

    I finally figured it out!


    After spending so long trying to figure this out, I think I’ve got it!

    If the heroes of Class of the Titans were the Digidestined, I finally got what their crests and Digimon would be:

    Jay - Crest of Hope (mostly cause he’s constantly hoping to end this whole war against time).  I’ve also figured his Digimon would be Patamon because Patamon digivolves into Angemon, Angemon serving as Jay’s guardian angel.

    Odie - Crest of Knowledge (cause he’s the brains).  I’ve also thought Odie’s Digimon would be Tentomon or Wormmon because Odie would find either Digimon fascinating.

    Herry - Crest of Reliability (admit it, he’s always there for our favorite heroes no matter what).  Thinking about it, Herry’s Digimon would be Gomamon because Gomamon digivolves into Ikkakumon, a really strong Digimon.

    Atlanta - Crest of Sincerity (despite Atlanta being a bad ass, she’s as sincere as she comes).  I could totally see Atlanta with Palmon because Palmon is a plant-type Digimon, and Atlanta is all about protecting the environment.

    Archie - Crest of Friendship (not kidding you, Archie is probably one of the greatest friends any of the guys have).  Archie’s Digimon is Gabumon, mostly because they both don’t have a liking for water.

    Theresa - Crest of Love (she’s likely one of the most motherly of the group).  Her Digimon is Biyomon, reason being Biyomon is very much like her - caring beyond belief.

    And, finally,

    Neil - Crest of Miracles (I kid you not, it’s because he’s the lucky one).  His Digimon is Veemon, because both are self-absorbed, and the fact they’re both lucky enough to get away unscathed.

      In case any of you missed it, heres the latest chapter on Walls Of Bricks updated last Sunday after I missed last week!




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        These lines were just too perfect







          No but could you actually IMAGINE a body swap fic between Theresa and Archie? (Cred to thecrazyalaskan) but like seriously jay would be hitting on Theresa who is actually archie and she/he would be freaking the fuck out and jay would think Theresa didn’t like him anymore and would…

          Oh my gooooooood yesss archie being put off by not having a brace and too much long hair and ohhhh the possibilities oh my oh myyyyy

          And Theresa would be like how the fuck did u walk with this thing and continuously trip over meanwhile full on saying all the right things to Atlanta but then Atlanta would get so suspicious because archie is being waaaaay too romantic and sappy and she jumps to the conclusion Cronus has done something to him and oh my god don’t even get me started on jay…

          Oh, the brace would be their first clue something had gone wrong— assuming one took a Freaky Friday approach to this and they didn’t discover the switch until after they’d woken up the next day, Archie would be fumbling around for it the next morning like Where the hell is it?! and completely flipping out because he. y’know, kinda needs that to walk, while Theresa just rolls out of bed without thinking and instantly comes down on his bad ankle. 

          Theresa would probably have to teach Archie how to take care of that mess of hair… which would look really weird to any outside observer. Just sayin’. 

          Jay would probably flip his lid at the prospect of his teammates being tinkered with. 

          No but could you im singe the freaky Friday approach and jay sees Archie strolling out of Theresa’s room one sleepy morning and flipping his shit about it while Theresa-Archie just stands there flattered but confused and freaking out

          And then when Theresa goes, in all sincerity, “This is my room. I live here.” it just makes Jay even more confused. :P

          This is so beautiful oh my god SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS A THING

            classofthetitans4ever asked "Now with Robin Williams' death, I wonder how the heroes would react."

            they would mourn him like everyone else. the sudden death of a figure of their childhoods would hit them hard.


              I got, like, so bored the one day.  Was looking at some Class of the Titans fanart when I found the perfect base for my oc, Colbie.  Now, I’ve managed to create some crazy collages with Percy Jackson, my COTT oc, and COTT.

                classofthetitans4ever asked "Hi Classmates! I'm heading off to college in approx. a month, and I was wondering if there was any advice from you guys. I also just wanna say, I love you guys!"

                never leave your drink with someone you don’t trust & for the love of Zeus, don’t wait until the last minute to study for finals!

                  if Class of the Titans was Tumblr part 4 (inspired by x)

                    eatprior asked "So I had an idea. I know that there is a fan-written season 3 but has anyone ever thought of doing like, a fan acted/filmed season 3? Sort of like a web cast? Idk this might be kind of hard to do but I think that would be cool"

                    that would be amazing we would 100% watch that!

                      if Class of the Titans was Tumblr part 3 (inspired by x)


                        Which Class of the Titans character are you?

                        Which Class of the Titans character are you?

                        My Result: Jay:(90%)

                        You’re the leader. Everyone looks up and respects you. They rely on you to come up with the plans, however like Jay sometimes the stress goes to your head. You hate when something you do goes wrong, and can’t stand to see your loved ones hurt.

                        Additional Results:

                        Jay: (90%#

                        Herry: #51%#

                        Odie: #43%#

                        Theresa: #36%#

                        Atlanta: #32%#

                        Archie: #27%#

                        Chronus: #24%#

                        Neil: #0%)

                        Visit: Which Class of the Titans character are you?

                        THIS IS AMAZING

                          if Class of the Titans was Tumblr part 2 (inspired by x)

                            so I’m watching Class of the Titans


                            this is like my new fave cartoon ^.^ I can see some similarities to PJO/HOO


I was using my random name app to come up with a name for a baby that Jay and Neil are raising together. My criteria was like English, Norwegian or biblical in origin… And the app spit out this.
It gave me NEIL’S. OWN. NAME.


                              I was using my random name app to come up with a name for a baby that Jay and Neil are raising together. My criteria was like English, Norwegian or biblical in origin… And the app spit out this.

                              It gave me NEIL’S. OWN. NAME.